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Contemporary Southeast Asian Performance

Transnational Perspectives


Edited by Laura Noszlopy and Matthew Isaac Cohen

Mutual borrowing, fluid transactions and transformations of performances and performers have a long and enduring history in Southeast Asia, but this trend has been heightened and made more vivid in the contemporary period. The omnipresence of global communications has provoked and inspired yet more novel experiments and collaborations between cosmopolitan artists and globally-oriented performers. This volume offers vital insights into recent developments in Southeast Asian performance. It demonstrates the ways in which contemporary artists and performers are increasingly working betwixt the traditional boundaries of the nation and discourses of identity. The essays collected here are testament to ongoing conversations and relations among scholars, practitioners and scholar-practitioners in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Included : Cambodia's Trials : Theatre, Justice and History Unfinished, by Eric Prenowitz et Ashley Thompson

ISBN 978-1-4438-2575-7 | £ 39.99 © Cambridge Scholars Publishing