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Collaborative theatre - The Théâtre du Soleil sourcebook

William David

Over the past thirty years Ariane Mnouchkine’s ’Théâtre du Soleil’ has become one of the most celebrated companies in Europe, and Mnouchkine one of its best-known directors. Collaborative Theatre is the first in-depth sourcebook in English on ’Théâtre du Soleil’, providing English readers with first-hand accounts of the development of its collectivist practices and ideals.
Collaborative Theatre presents critical and historical essays by theatre scholars from around the world as well as the writings of and interviews with members of le Théâtre du Soleil, past and present. Projects discussed include : 1789, L’Age d’Or, Richard II, L’Indiade and Les Atrides.

© Taylor & Francis Inc, 1998

ISBN : 978-0415086066

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