Paris, 22th May 2016

Genuine curiosity

“Where are you up to now?”
“Oh, we’re in India.”
“Again? But last I heard, you’d just come home from there.”
“Yes. We did come back, but India was stowed away in our luggage.”
“So, you’re going to put on another play about India?”
“It won’t be about India, but rather will take place in India. In a room in India. That’s even the title of the play.”
“Come again? What do you mean? What happens in an India that’s not India?”
“Visions, dreams, nightmares, apparitions, moments of panic, doubts, revelations. Anything and everything that might haunt the actors and technicians of a poor theatre troupe desperately in search of resolutely contemporary, political theatre, a troupe stranded there by deeply moving events beyond its control, just as they are beyond our control and move us, leaving us looking for a way to face to them, a way to suffer through them without resigning ourselves to adding evil to Evil through our words and our deeds.”
“And so what?”
“For now, that’s it, which is already quite a lot. Oh, we almost forgot! The gods of theatre willing, we’ll take the stage October 12, 2016.”

Le Théâtre du Soleil